Keeping you "in the know"

We've gotta keep up with this damn thing...I know no one reads this, but if you start now, you can brag to all your friends about how you knew that band that always comes on the radio after Imagine Dragons, but before the traffic reports back when they didn't have a PR rep. And when it comes down to it, isn't inflating your musical ego what millennial life is all about anyway? :)

On a more serious (and less arrogant) note, we've just announced two more shows this month at Warehouse Live (the 8th with Knox Hamilton and Armstrong Leigh) and Fitzgerald's (Lost Element and If The War Will End.).  We will also be debuting two new pieces of merch, one of which will be exclusive to our merch booth and unavailable online. If you're able, hit up the Shows page for a link to tickets and a chance to purchase exclusive products that will be guaranteed to continue building that ego we mentioned earlier.

You are the cream in our Oreos,

King Finn 


We're incredibly excited for our show tomorrow with Otenki, Color Chemistry, Hindsight, Cassette Tape, and Apothica. We're not sure how many if any of you read up on this blog, but thanks to your enduring support, we're confident we've got a great night ahead of us tomorrow. We'll be sure to report back here and update any of you who were unable to make it. Thankfully, we have quite a few shows coming up in this next month so there'll be plenty of opportunities for us to see your faces in the crowd. :)

Clash of the Bands

This Friday, we will be one of four bands duking it out for the crown! It may actually be trophy, but we'll wear it like a crown anyway!

Also, tune in to Alt Control on Coog Radio tomorrow at 4 p.m. to hear our first group interview. We talk about our inspirations and aspirations, our writing processes and performances, our debut album and its meaning to us, and also how we associate different points in our band career with Alan's hairstyle at the time.